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The Best Legal Advice You Never Paid For -1025566252The best advice young and older physicians never paid for is to add my name and number to their contacts on their cell phone: Alfred Roush, Contracts Lawyer, (813) 367-6874,

After listening to an offer or proposal from another physician, company, or recruiter, let them think you are more than willing to sign the contract if you agree to the discussed terms. Tell them you look forward to learning more about the potential business relationship, but that you’ve hired an attorney.

As you pull out your phone and scroll through your contacts, you say, “Alfred Roush is my attorney. Your terms seem good, but Roush is a real stickler. He won’t allow me to sign anything without reviewing it first.” Then ask them to send their offer to you for my review after which you can talk about going forward.

My clients tell me that this is the number one strategy and the best legal advice they’ve never paid for.

Telling a potential employer you will have your lawyer review the contract brings credibility to the conversation. You are sophisticated enough to hire an attorney. It also keeps you on the good-guy side. You, the physician, are the good guy. But your lawyer is the bad guy.

If there is a negotiation or rejection of the offer, you already set the stage that it must be because of the attorney. If you reject the initial offer, some people tend to get offended. Blaming the rejection on me, the contract lawyer, eliminates any of that. It maintains a good relationship between you and your potential new employer.

I’ve also learned from some of my female patients that most of the negotiations they’re involved in include negotiating with older men who are more experienced and very often have the luxury of attorneys, CPAs, and years of experience managing the practice. They tell me when they mention my name as their attorney and have to contact me, the response is, “Well, that’s great to know you have an attorney. We’ll work with him directly.”

When the position requires you to sign a contract, mentioning you have a lawyer instantly earns you credibility. The job seeker will not get mobile offers or attempts to coerce you because the employer knows that you have someone looking out for you.

Let me look out for you.

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