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“A positive experience from the start. Alfred was very helpful in understanding my situation and quick to respond. I would recommend him for any employment matter.”– Shirley P.

“I moved to Florida and Alfred and his team registered my business as LLC, prepared all our contracts, handbooks, and onboarding documentation. Simple and straightforward, done in two weeks.” – Carl R.

“Roush Law sold my business for 5X my investment. My buyer was absolutely thrilled, the closing was hassle free and I’m ready to sell my next business with Alfred again in 2 years.” – Terry F.

I run a local business in the city of Tampa. An employee of mine put himself in a dangerous situation at the workplace. He disobeyed OSHA laws in place and threatened to sue. I contacted Roush Law Group and Alfred showed my company’s legal options. I will use Roush Law Group whenever I have an employment related issue.– A Satisfied Client

“I contacted Roush Law Group after I was fired by my boss for a racial matter. Daily employees would adress me racially and so the manager let me go as a way to handle the situation. Alfred was very helpful in explaining how he could help me and giving me information. I was very satisfied with my settlement and will suggest anyone with employment issues to call his office.”– Andruw

“I worked at the same company for over 20 years and was recently fired for what I believe is age discrimination. My boss said I was “aging” and hinted at early retirement. Outraged and offended I did some research and gave Roush Law Group a call. I spoke to Alfred and he was so helpful in examining my legal options. I ended up winning the case and I have Alfred to thank! Highly recommend!”– A Satisfied Client

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