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Handling matters in your growing or established business can often present challenges not everyone is equipped to deal with, especially when juggling the hardships and tedious tasks that it takes to keep the business successful. For example, when important contracts need to be handled, agreements need to be made, or any business disputes may require litigation, it is critical to properly equip yourself for the situation the business faces. To ensure you have the advantage and won’t miss a beat, hiring a Business Law Attorney can make a world of difference in the operation and success of your business and livelihood.

To protect the business from any unnecessary hardship or prepare for significant events in the near future and beyond, contact Roush Law in Tampa, FL, to schedule a consultation. We will assess the needs of your business and discuss the factors surrounding the circumstances you face. Even in the best of times when the business is sailing on smooth waters, finding the best lawyers for business and commercial litigation can be a wise decision to insure yourself as the business or situation progresses.

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When operating on a dream and formulating a plan to form a business, matters can become incredibly complex very rapidly. Without the expertise and strategy learned over a career of assisting clients and their businesses, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the guidelines and regulations to which every company in Florida must conform. By seeking a Business Formation Attorney's expert guidance, you can rest easy knowing that any possible mistakes will be mitigated, and the headache and frustration often associated with starting a business can be avoided.


When starting a business, one of the critical components is determining what yours will offer that is unique and sets it apart from other businesses in the area and beyond. While there are many factors that can make or break a business, protecting your intellectual property can mean the difference between success and getting outmatched by the competition. Trade secrets often hold the key to a business's success, and by protecting them, you can ensure your business will continue to thrive on the principles and practices you have established.

When forming your business and getting the proper certifications and documentation, it may also be wise to begin considering the intellectual property that will be worth protecting. For example, suppose one aspect of how your business operates requires a unique strategy that was formulated by and for your business. In that case, it is most likely intellectual property that is worth protecting. To discuss any potential intellectual property or other matters surrounding getting your business established in the marketplace, contact Roush Law as soon as possible to set up an initial consultation.


It has been common knowledge that contracts are difficult to decipher on occasion, and it is a widely held media trope to have a lawyer examine a contract before signing your life away. While it may be a silly stereotype of business on television, it could not be more necessary in the real world as well. Since contracts typically serve to lock in members to a binding and lasting deal, acting rashly when signing the contract can lead to bad situations or even being taken advantage of. Since contracts are often dense and full of legal terms, only experts are familiar with them, and many aspects may be challenging for the layperson to decipher.

By hiring a Top Contract Lawyer in your area, you can rest assured knowing that all items in the contract have been inspected, and you are only signing a deal that meets your terms and conditions. It can also come in handy when writing and drafting contracts, as any potential loopholes left in the text can be costly to your business. So call Roush Law today to find out how to get a contract attorney on your team today!


Chief Privacy Officer, General Counsel, Labor and Employment Attorney, Policy Advisor and Chief Counsel to executives, officers, board of directors, HR managers, and consultants. Focused on delivering management and legal Best Practices to solve complex privacy and employment disputes. Chief legal advisor to executive level managers partnering with all levels of management. EOS management system, due diligence for merger and acquisition, private and public sector risk assessment. Negotiated service level agreements, software licensing. Advisor for class action defense strategy, regulatory audits and federal and state agency investigation response.
Legal Cases and Business Intelligence projects include:

• Cross Border Data Transfer analysis
• Audits and data mapping
• Compliance programs and policies for cloud and internal transactions
• Data subject access and opposition rights
• Data security, data loss prevention and data breaches
• Online and mobile tracking and consumer protection regulation
• E-discovery and investigations management
• Global data transfer management (transfer agreements, BCRs)
• Incident Response Planning and Execution
• Supervisory authority relations (notifications, authorizations, DPO appointments)
• Whistle-blowing hotlines, employee monitoring and suspect persons screening

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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Business litigation can be a hairy ordeal full of complications and unexpected hardship. Since matters typically litigated by a business are often so complex and full of the minutia that can leave lasting impacts on the success of your business, it is not the time to improvise solutions or make an ill-advised attempt to handle the situation independently. Therefore, it is critical to hire the Best Lawyers for Commercial Litigation available in your area, and Roush Law in Tampa, FL, has a proven track record of success. If you foresee litigation on the horizon for your business or have already been dragged into it by an outside influence, call as soon as possible to set up your initial consultation.

Business Litigation

What To Do Now!

What To Do Now!

What To Do Now!

It is always wise to hire a Business Attorney to join your company, as legal issues tend to arise with a frequent degree of regularity. In addition, the more familiar the attorney is with your business, the more effectively they will be able to advise you through any rough waters that may emerge. When initially consulting with Roush Law, we will discuss the current situation of your business, the goals you have for the future, and what the best moves to take in the near future may be. Remember, the sooner you choose to bring an attorney on board, the more effectively they will be able to assist the business. So don’t hesitate. Call as quickly as possible to schedule.

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I strongly recommend speaking with an attorney to discuss the grounds of the 3 writeups you received since you complained to HR. An attorney can advise you of your rights against retaliation if the writeups were a direct result of a protected activity. Good luck!
I strongly recommend contacting the plan administrator to determine if his 401k was still being funded or if they ever received notice with a certificate of death. If you had an attorney probate his estate then I would call the attorney or send a letter inquiring about this account as well.
Employers in Florida can change the job description or the type of work that needs to be performed for most employees with verbal notice unless there is an employment contract that says otherwise. If your employer is changing your employment status from hourly to salary and you are working overtime, you could be entitled to overtime pay. There are several jobs which are exempt from overtime such as professionals, administrative, and other industry specific jobs. I recommend you consult an attorney to determine if you are entitled to overtime pay. You can contact our office with your questions at (813) 367-6874 or Good luck!

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